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Generate your personal commission link (hoplink) for Relationship Rewrite Method

2. Select your landing page: Which landing page to choose?

Test view (not your hoplink)

This is the default Relationship Rewrite Method landing page. It has been proven through years of testing to be an extremely high converting landing page.

It starts with only a video, however the buy button will appears at the correct sales moment. This page works best if the visitors is expecting to watch a video presentation. It may not be your ideal choice for cold, unsegmented leads that are not prepared for a video.

3. Extra Options (Advanced Users):

Disable the Exit Intent Box on the sales page. ?

Enable the Exit Popup Confirmation on the sales page. This only works if the Exit Intent Html Box has been disabled. ?

Disable autoplay of presentation.

Show purchase box immediately after load.

Show the video controls.

These features may not be available on all landing pages.

4. Get Your Link

Your Hoplink is below: Copy